Hiking Trails In Phoenix

If you’re visiting Phoenix, you should definitely carve some time out of your trip to hike some of the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. Even if you’re not into “outdoor stuff”, there are still some beginner trails that are extremely easy yet offer very scenic views of the city. For all of our outdoor people that are reading this blog, we wanted to break down our favorite hiking trails in that area that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Our number one choice for hiking around Phoenix is Camelback Mountain. This hiking trail is located about 20 minutes outside the heart of downtown Phoenix so you don’t have to drive too far to visit our favorite spot. We’re not going to lie to you, this mountain is one of the toughest places to hike in all of Phoenix. We feel like the trek up this 2,100 foot mountain is definitely worth it though, otherwise we wouldn’t be writing about it! We highly recommend you bring several water bottles and perhaps a snack to give you some energy on the way back down. It takes us on average, about 45 minutes to complete the hike to the top, than another 35 minutes to complete the descent. The hike is extremely sloped upwards, so there are some stretches on the mountain where you have to use your hands to pull yourself up the rocks. We’ve all seen some people eat it pretty hard coming down the mountain because they picked up so much momentum that they couldn’t stop themselves, so be careful on the way down. Another thing to be careful of is bee’s and other wild critters you might find on the trail (especially snakes!). Out of the many years we’ve all lived in the area, we’ve only heard of 2 different occasions where bee’s have swarmed and attacked somebody. We’ve also heard one incident of someone falling off the side of the mountain to their death, also. But when you think about it, hundreds of people hike that mountain everyday so your chances of getting injured or death are extremely small. Be sure to bring your cameras because the top is quite scenic and you’re going to want to remember it!

Our second favorite hiking spot in the Phoenix area would have to be South Mountain. While Camelback only has 2 different trail options, South Mountain is packed with about 20 different trails that go on for miles and miles. The cool thing about these trails are that they are much easier than some of the other trails around. They do have some intermediate ranked trails just in case you want to step you game up a little, but if you’re looking for an easier hike with beautiful views of the city, this hiking trail could be right up your alley.

We wanted to mention that if you head up North a couple hours there are extremely beautiful hikes around the red rock mountains and the climate is much cooler which can make hiking much more pleasant. If you’re in Phoenix however, we highly recommend you follow our advice and hike these trails. We know you’ll love it! Check out our articles on sports and restaurants for more fun things to do in Phoenix! Contact us here with any questions. This post has been sponsored by Poly’s Towing Phoenix, to view their website please click here!


Check out this awesome video that was shot by someone who is at the peak of Camel back Mountain in the Greater Phoenix Area!

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