Phoenix Music Events

Phoenix is home to hundreds of music venues, and brings in everything from hot local acts to international stars. A lot of artists love coming to Phoenix because of the die hard music fans and growing music scene. Not only do the artists gain more fans and publicity while performing in our city, but they also report having extremely unique experiences because of the energy our fans bring to their shows. No matter what kind of music (or music venue) you’re into, Phoenix has something to offer you.

Even though it’s massive in size, U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix is one of my favorite places to go see live music. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smaller up close and personal venues too, but the way this arena handles their productions is pretty awesome. The best band I’ve seen here was Linkin Park in 2012. It was a pretty memorable concert because Chester, the lead singer, forgot the words to one of their most famous songs halfway through the performance. The cost of attending an event at this arena is usually very high but as with most things, you get what you pay for. Another great thing about seeing live music here is that you’re centrally located so the before and after dining and drinking options are always pretty much limitless. Keep your eyes peeled for your favorite artists performing here because it will probably be a concert you won’t soon forget.

On the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, the Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix is a small venue that has one of the best sound systems in the state. This venue books all sorts of acts from live flamingo dancing music to 15 person marching bands. The main stage can fit about 300 people in the room to enjoy the main performers. There is also a second, much smaller stage, outside on the patio area which is a lot less hectic and crowded so when you need a break from the action, you can walk a few steps outside and escape for a little while. This venue does a great job at managing their bars because even when the place is completely packed out you never find yourself waiting in line too long to grab a drink.

Another one of our favorite music venues is located a little bit outside of Phoenix in the smaller college town of Tempe, AZ. The Marquee Theater is a venue that fits somewhere in between Crescent Ballroom and U.S Airways Arena, fitting in crowds of about 2,000 people into their venue to enjoy live music. Marquee Theater brings in a wide variety of music from heavy metal to rap music. The owners of this venue also host a few of the biggest outdoor music festivals in the state at the Tempe Town Lake. This venue is awesome because you still get the intimate feeling of the show and you also get the energy that a larger crowd brings. One thing to note is that parking is usually $10 so be prepared to shell out a little extra cash for parking your car.

We’ve been to hundreds of live music events in the Phoenix Metro Area, so we hope that you take our advice and at least visit these 3 venues that we’ve mentioned. If you have any recommendations on other cool music venue spots that you’ve been to in the Phoenix area, please share your experience with us here. From the Visit Phoenix Crew, we hope you enjoyed this article and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Phoenix Nightlife

Phoenix has nightlife options for every type of person. Whether you’re into dance clubs with loud music or laid back bars to grab a beer, Phoenix has a nightlife spot for you to enjoy. Our team is composed of people with many different tastes, so between all of us combined we’ve visited a multitude of different bars and clubs in the Phoenix area. The following is a list and description of our favorite spots.

For all of our fans that love to dance out there, the Cougar Club in downtown Phoenix is one of the hottest nightclubs in the Phoenix Metro Area. We know what you’re thinking, the name sounds like it’s a bunch of older women hanging out looking to score with younger men… wrong! The Cougar Club is filled with young adults that love to dance to great music and enjoy hearing the best DJ’s in the world play their favorite tracks. From a price perspective, this club has reasonably priced drinks and admission is usually free unless they have a big artist playing. They book different types of acts including rappers, DJ’s, and great singers. The club is pretty big and has a few different rooms that play different music. If you’re looking for a fun night out with a group of friends or just feel like letting loose on the dance floor, Cougar Club Phoenix might be the right spot for you.

If you’re more into the laid back bar scene with pool tables, dart boards, and shuffle board, we highly recommend checking out Pete’s hangout in downtown Phoenix. Pete’s has been a favorite local hangout spot for many years because of their great drink selection, drink prices, cool people, and laid back atmosphere. This bar features a bike rack┬ámaking it easy for locals riding around on their beach cruisers. If you find yourself pulling up to this bar on a bike, make sure to bring a lock! After all, this bar is located in downtown Phoenix!

For the hardcore locals out there looking for a hidden gem, you don’t have to look any farther than Dillon’s Dive Bar located just a few blocks from the Diamondbacks Stadium. ┬áDillon’s is actually so well known by the locals that they don’t even have a website or a map listing on the internet! This bar not only has a terrific happy hour menu everyday of the week, they also have some great food that you won’t find anywhere else in Phoenix. This is actually one of our favorite spots to hit before or after a baseball game because of it’s close proximity to Chase Field.

We hope this short list of bars and clubs in Phoenix gives you some great ideas for a fun night out on the town. Please remember to never drink and drive. I mean, c’mon, it’s 2016! Please contact us if you’ve ever been to any of the place we mention in this article, or if you have any recommendations of great places that we missed on this list

Fun Hiking Trails around Phoenix, AZ

arizona hikingIf you’re visiting Phoenix, you should definitely carve some time out of your trip to hike some of the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. Even if you’re not into “outdoor stuff”, there are still some beginner trails that are extremely easy yet offer very scenic views of the city. For all of our outdoor people that are reading this blog, we wanted to break down our favorite hiking trails in that area that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Our number one choice for hiking around Phoenix is Camelback Mountain. This hiking trail is located about 20 minutes outside the heart of downtown Phoenix so you don’t have to drive too far to visit our favorite spot. We’re not going to lie to you, this mountain is one of the toughest places to hike in all of Phoenix. We feel like the trek up this 2,100 foot mountain is definitely worth it though, otherwise we wouldn’t be writing about it! We highly recommend you bring several water bottles and perhaps a snack to give you some energy on the way back down. It takes us on average, about 45 minutes to complete the hike to the top, than another 35 minutes to complete the descent. The hike is extremely sloped upwards, so there are some stretches on the mountain where you have to use your hands to pull yourself up the rocks. We’ve all seen some people eat it pretty hard coming down the mountain because they picked up so much momentum that they couldn’t stop themselves, so be careful on the way down. Another thing to be careful of is bee’s and other wild critters you might find on the trail (especially snakes!). Out of the many years we’ve all lived in the area, we’ve only heard of 2 different occasions where bee’s have swarmed and attacked somebody. We’ve also heard one incident of someone falling off the side of the mountain to their death, also. But when you think about it, hundreds of people hike that mountain everyday so your chances of getting injured or death are extremely small. Be sure to bring your cameras because the top is quite scenic and you’re going to want to remember it!

Our second favorite hiking spot in the Phoenix area would have to be South Mountain. While Camelback only has 2 different trail options, South Mountain is packed with about 20 different trails that go on for miles and miles. The cool thing about these trails are that they are much easier than some of the other trails around. They do have some intermediate ranked trails just in case you want to step you game up a little, but if you’re looking for an easier hike with beautiful views of the city, this hiking trail could be right up your alley.

We wanted to mention that if you head up North a couple hours there are extremely beautiful hikes around the red rock mountains and the climate is much cooler which can make hiking much more pleasant. If you’re in Phoenix however, we highly recommend you follow our advice and hike these trails. We know you’ll love it! Check out our articles on sports and restaurants for more fun things to do in Phoenix! Contact us here with any questions. This post has been sponsored by Poly’s Towing Phoenix, to view their website please click here!