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Okay… so you have a few coins and dollars that you were going to  spend on random stuff anyway. Today… just today, maybe you’d like to make a real difference in the lives of others.  If so, how about donating to us? We have one of the lowest overhead among non-profits (i.e., 8-10%).  Why?  Because […]

Wish List!

There are more needs than resources so we look to our friends to rummage through their businesses and closets to see if there are items they would like to donate to us.  Here’s our “Wish List”.  If you have any of these items to share or donate, let us know!  We’ll give you a donation […]

Shop ’til You Drop!

Love to shop?  Well, here’s guilt-free shopping. A percentage of everything you buy here helps to finance our programs for seniors and their families.  May not seem like much, but every bit helps. Even a spare $1 would buy us a cup of apple juice or a cup of rice so go ahead … indulge […]


We do everything from health screening to educational projects to keep our seniors fully engaged and vibrant. Our youngest is 68 and our oldest senior is 93! We regularly provide for 350 seniors (and counting) a week. We run a nutritious meal program; run classes in computer literacy, photography, ESL, citizenship, etc.; host health screenings for diabetics, hypertension mammograms, cervical cancer, and provide vaccinations; and do case management to help seniors navigate through the bureaucracies in local government. We also work with seniors to prevent social isolation and provide for lots of recreational activities from Bingo to field trips to museums, parks, and concerts. Since 1995, we have been working to serve the poor and most vulnerable among us.  Prevention and wellness is one of our primary focuses and, resources permitting, we hope to expand our meal and health access programs significantly in the very near future to keep up with urgent demands.  Read More